KONAMI don’t want you to have 100% completion in Metal Gear Solid V…





As a HUGE Metal Gear Solid fan (since 1999), I was psyched for the release of Kojima’s final instalment of the Metal Gear series MGSV: The Phantom Pain. I pre-ordered my copy back in February and played the game on day 1 of its release for CRAZY amount of hours, almost daily, over the first couple of months. Just recently, I’ve found out it’s all been for very little ‘fulfilment’t. After all, you’re not allowed 100% completion and a platinum trophy.

Konami don't want you getting 100% in their game; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainThis comes as a surprise for a game that was relatively glitch free after release. Well… then again…every time you logged onto the game and signed into Konami’s servers online, you were confronted with a barrage of repetitive statements of known glitches that would be fixed…but thankfully, none affected me personally. That is, up until now.

Yep. Don’t bank on 100% completion and all trophies/achievements…There’s no official statements I can find specifically relating to this problem, or even a fix, other than 1 or 2 other sites reporting the glitch. Also, trying to REPORT the glitch or communicate DIRECTLY with game developers is next to impossible; if they’re on twitter, they don’t mind ignoring you. I can’t find any email, chat or phone numbers that will connect me to the relevant people.

So what is this bug, exactly? It basically relates to the collectable blueprints in the game. Specifically for me the blueprint GUN CAM DEFENDER which is (supposedly) obtainable after the completion of Side Op 9 (Nova Braga Airport). I don’t have this in my collection despite mission completion and as of right now, it’s a mission you cannot RE-ENTER to try and complete it over again. So I’m stuck on 96% completion in this area and won’t be able to go any further….which therefore means there’s no point completing other aspects of the game that require 100% completion status for that elusive platinum trophy on my PS4. onto something else then, Koanmi.

“Fixed soon” is an optomistic view from GeekSnack, you’d think nearing 3 months of age would’ve had something as severe as this patched already.

Here is a list of all the blueprints that you can obtain and find in the game, FYI.





#EFCMIP ‘Giveaway’ Statement

The #EFCMIP was originally created late 2014 to run alongside the weekly games played by Essendon FC for club fans and footy people in general to discuss their thoughts on who was the ‘most important player’ of the week. At the end of the year, the weekly votes are tallied and a “B&F style” winners, known as Essendon’s most important players, are ranked from 1-22 highlighting the “best” team Essendon fielded for the year.

This year, it was announced there would be a giveaway FREEBIE of a 2013 John Coleman Essendon FC Heritage guernsey provided there were a minimum of 23 entrants who each (a) followed this blog, (b) plugged the blog, or hashtag of #EFCMIP on twitter and (c) posted 3 comments for any 3 games through the year on the blog. Apparently, that proved to be all too difficult for EFC fans following my account on twitter and far less than 23 are following the #Ro0view blog at the end of the 2015 season. As a result, there was no official guernsey giveaway.

While I’ve taken a lot of enjoyment from creating and posting my thoughts, stats and votes; I’ve been disheartened and very much surprised at the lack of interest for the #EFCMIP idea, gathering next to zero momentum. Sadly, it wasn’t even supported (at a minimal ‘social’ level) by the club to reward their very own bomber fans who get involved in the ‘online’ discussions. afterall, it was designed as the ‘next best thing’ to the crichton! However, I did have a couple of solid contributors that I’d like to make mention of who were on the receiving end of a nice ‘thank you’ gift in the mail:

* Taj @TajWhelan
* Tina @Ms__TNA 

I urge ALL #Bomberfamily and tweeps  to give these 2 fantastic people a follow on twitter. They are die-hard Bomber fans who have impressively stuck with the club through thick and now (arguably) it’s thinnest period. I thank them once again for their help and occasional blog plugs and hope you give them a follow. Thanks to ALL others who posted and supported the #EFCMIP is some way.

Rest assured, the #Ro0view isn’t going anywhere.

EFCMIP 2015: The bench (19th – 22nd)


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Here’s your FINAL 4 to make up all 22 players, with the 3 emergencies to be named tomorrow!


Joey needs to take a MASSIVE step forward in 2016...Joe had another down year, averaging a little over 1 goal per game parked at full-forward.

The AFL environment and especially the role of full forward is very much FULL of pressure and it hasn’t been handled very well this year due to a number of issues including #ASAGA, match day deficits, and forward coaching structures. We know that he has enormous upside, but we aren’t seeing enough of it. Joe can soon be a forced to reckon with, provided we see much more of what he’s doing WITHOUT the ball, chase downs and getting space from his opponent. Of course having a higher clanger count and poor disposal efficiency in front of goal or around the ground doesn’t help…meaning Joe needs to have a huge 2016 and keep working on those key areas for improvement.


jerrett jumps 1 spot from 2014-14 in #EFCMIP top 22.Jerrett played 15 games this year, up from 14 last year but found himself dropped a number of times as he was disappearing in games and failing to hit the scoreboard as a crumbing forward.

Having said that, watching his first 4-6 weeks in 2014 was some of the best footy he’s ever played, so we know there’s quality and potentially that’s still untapped. He can tackle well and pinch-hit around stoppages, but 8 goals isn’t enough from the youngster.


Laverde cracks the best 22 at 20th place in his 1st year!For Bomber fans in desperate search of positive signs and good news after a horrid season, in comes Jayden Laverde.

What a breath of fresh air…why did it take so long to play a top 20 draft pick? From his 9 games and superior disposal efficiency, Jayden was able to show us some early signs of his brilliance and nailing a number of running goals when played higher up the ground. 29 votes in his first season is quite impressive and will put more smiles on the faces of Bomber fans.


Buddha had a horrific injury run in 2015, but firms at #19!Let’s face it, the only reason Heath is this far down the list is purely because of the shocker-run of injuries he’s been unable to get over through pre-season.

However, nailing that winning goal to break an unforgettable losing streak against Collingwood in round 23 this year was a fantastic high to end the season on, so the boys had something to smile about, too. Averaging 3 clearances, 18 touches and 4 tackles makes Buddha a valuable asset, tightening the screws as a tagger, playing a crucial role for the team. Even from FIVE, yes GIVE games, his performances were hood enough to notch 29 votes up and secure 19th spot in the top 22. Onya Heath!


#EFCMIP 2015 – 18th, 17th and 16th spot goes to…


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Buckets scrapes into the top 22 at 18th in a poor season with plenty of upside.Carlisle played a second season up forward where again, his possession count had dropped and he wasn’t even able to average 1 goal a game.

For someone as talented as Jake in defence to go forward after an unsuccessful trial in 2014 didn’t make much sense, but it was reported it’s what JAKE and HIRDY both wanted. Hence, the poor results continued and potentially added extra motivation for Jake to seek a fresh start. His votes dropped by 14 yet he still managed 18th spot.

On a personal note – the club can’t stand for much…especially after showing desperation to keep Jake at the club despite his public on-field shaming of Essendon’s on and off-field state. If selectors had any sense, we would bench him until he’s traded, as his ‘type’ in footy don’t grow on trees and once he returns to defence will probably play great footy and be hard for many Essendon fans to stomach.


NOBBY cracked into the senior team and takes 17th place in 2015.

It’s been a pretty solid year from Nick. When Essendon weren’t getting the results and Chappy/Coons/Watson were out, the club finally thought it might be a good idea to play some kids. Finally, a good decision!

O’Brien averaged just under 22 disposals from his 9 games and nailed 33 votes including 2 games of 7 votes against The Tigers and Port, which unfortunately were losses for the team. His clearance rate of 3 per game was fair, but was much hiher in many of his VFL games. If he reduces the amount of fumbles/clangers, builds his tank to be an elite and fit runner, ther’es more opportunities for him to nail a permanent spot in the best 22.


Fletch never ceases to amaze...STILL in the best 22 at age 40.Fletch. An incredible man and a brilliant career. Even at his ripe and somewhat ‘youthful’ age of 40, he can still hold a top 22 spot at the club and contribute deep in defence.

Fletch managed just 7 games for the year and his 400th game was effectively his last with a nagging groin problem. In hindsight, it was a very poor mutual decision with Fletch and the club to drag him over the line to reach the 400 milestone only to get injured and be subbed out. He should’ve had a farewell game…as he deserved it, but it should’ve been in 2014…

Having said that, averaging near 17 touches for his age, an above-average for standard disposal efficiency and an elite 5-6 defensive rebounds per game is something to be proud of. Well done Fletch on 16th!


Coming up tonight is the LAST 4 spots in the team to make up 22!

#EFCMIP 2015 – 15th, 14th and 13th spot goes to…


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Melksham's disappointing season still sees him land at 15th spot

Jake was another Bomber who had yet another disappointing season, being dropped several time from the senior coach.

His disposal efficiency and high clanger ratio per game makes him an “ugly” proposition for a ‘top 22’ player, however he makes up for that with his strong tackling and winning a small share of clearances and receiving in a good position to lob the ball inside 50. He had more votes last year and despite that, have moved up the ranks from 21st to 15th based on the fact there were few shining lights in the team.


Delisted Saint and 1st year Don makes the top 22!

In a defence lacking Dustin Fletcher and Jake Carlisle for a large portion of the season meant guys like James Gwilt and Ariel Steinberg were called up to assist other tall timber like Michael Hurley and for the most part, Cale Hooker.

Gwilt isn’t a favourite of many, however his stats are more impressive that the ‘general feel’ he gives you in his awkward 1 on 1 moments during a game… Afterall, he boasts 82% efficiency by hand and foot for the season (consisting of 11 games) and won plenty of the footy (near 19 disposals average per game), which is no easy feat unless you are working hard. Suffice to say, James Gwilt has “done the job” in 2015, with 2016 likely to be a better year should be playing, with Jake Carlisle leaving the club.


Paddy Ambrose did enough to lock in 13th place

Paddy Ambrose’s year was more down than it was up; he managed 16 games after being dropped a number of times; mostly because his possessions dropped and he wasn’t able to hit the scoreboard (0.4 goal average, just 6 for the season).

He is an absolute machine, like Brent Stanton, who runs all day and crushes 2km runs during pre-season, this is evident from his work-rate and tackling (5.2 average per game). He also played a fair bit as a 2nd ruck role when Bellchambers went down before the club turned to McKernan (and finally, Giles). He just needs to improve his efficiency, contested marking as a forward, which will then grant him further scoring opportunities.

What do you think? Post your thoughts and COME BACK tomorrow when the next 3 in the “best 22” are announced!

#EFCMIP 2015 – 12th, 11th and 10th spot goes to…


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Zakka falls to 12th in #EFCMIP after a disappointing year...

Zakka is one of Essendon’s biggest midfield worries. He has been a youngster who has promised so much and been very patch in his last few years at the club.

While on managing 16 games this year due to injury, not only did his numbers drop, so did his efficiency, work rate and ability to hit the scoreboard (9 goals for the whole year). He dropped SIGNIFICANTLY from 103 to 60 votes this year, too. Having said that, there were a number of games Zakka played well after captain Jobe Watson went down in a 2nd successive year…we just don’t see it enough and come to expect more from him…come 2016.


Glees makes a HUGE jump into the best 22 at 11th spot!

Described as a young Dean Laidley, Marty Gleeson didn’t have the greatest year, but one must admit he has taken further steps forward.

Amazingly, he played all 22 games, proving to be a small-bodied durable defender. He played more of a deeper 1 on 1 role (typically a Baguley/Hibberd specialty) and after mid-year, was released a bit further up the ground when Essendon just weren’t getting the results each week. Most importantly, in a disappointing club year with 10-12 big-timers standing up, Glees jumped from an emergency in last years best 22 to 11th spot! If he works on his body size, speed and defence, he’ll continue to be a great asset.


Injury-plagued captain falls to 10th most important Don in 2015.

It’s very hard to talk about Jobe Watson in a negative light and it’s hard to have a crack at a bloke who missed nearly half a year, much like 2014, due to another serious injury.

His first 4-6 weeks were exceptional and what you’d come to expect from the captain; tackling hard, winning plenty of clearances, averaging 24 touches and (most of the time) hitting targets. From there, Jobe’s 2014 injury flared up and he couldn’t run…the worst part was putting his hand up to play and hurting his own team not being able to defend from midfielders on the move at stoppages. Perhaps worse than that, he also put his hand up against St Kilda, when last years wooden spooners belted the Bombers by over 100 points  in Jobe’s milestone game, where he couldn’t even manage 10 touches. Hopefully ASADA disappears in 2016, Jobe can play and lead his team as a ‘free spirit’ rather than playing with injuries, hurting his head and dragging his name through the mud. Despite just 12 games, he still managed plenty of EFCMIP votes (71), averaging at least 6 per game.

It’s at this point of the team where some great players who had shocker seasons still prominently feature halfway up the ladder in the best 22, as there were few shining lights in the team when push came to shove.

TOMORROW NIGHT, we list the next best 3 players. Join me on twitter and WATCH for the post here, on the #Ro0view!

#EFCMIP 2015 – 9th, 8th and 7th place goes to…


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2015 B&F winner Cale Hooker secures 9th spot in #EFCMIP

It came as no surprise one of Essendon’s best clubman, Cale Hooker, was the winner of the 2015 B&F. He was an AA defender in 2014 and arguably didn’t make this years squad after his move to the forward line.

Despite dropping votes this year, Hooksy managed to climb from 11th to 9th. He was good for at least 1 goal a game, which, unfortunately wasn’t enough…but this was purely because Joe Daniher and other forwards weren’t getting the job done. a reduction in clangers and accurate kicking could see Cale Hooker become a big hit in the forward line. Where will he play in 2016?


Zerrett CONTINUES his climb as a critically important Bomber!

Forget rising star, this kid is a shooting star. Essendon haven’t struck gold at the draft for 5 years – not at least since Dyson Heppell arrived at the club.

Zerrett was super-impressive in his first year; SO GOOD he actually landed at 16th in the best 22 and, despite a late-season injury, has climbed (quite remarkably) into the top 10, notching up 8th spot. His stats speak for themselves – 22 possessions per game, near 6 tackles 4 inside 50s, 3 clearances is an epic result for a star on the rise.


The Pigs consistency continues! 7th MIP again in 2015...

THE PIG! The Top 10 this year is dominated by defenders, mostly because they had plenty of ball, being under siege thanks to Essendon’s under-performing midfield.

If nothing else, Hibbo is ULTRA consistent in terms of his weekly performances. He’s great with reading the play, intercept marking and is very clean when disposing the football, albeit 5% below fellow Frankston teammate and defender, Mark Baguley. He maintained the exact amount of votes as last year and holds the same spot as last year. Seeing him more involved in defensive clearances and making better decisions (Such as, whether to fly or stay down with his opponent). Without someone of the quality of Hibberd, our percentage would have probably turned our worse (if that’s possible). Whole not magnificent, still another solid year from the pig.




#EFCMIP 2015 – 6th, 5th and 4th place goes to…


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Ben Howlett is 6th in #EFCMIP 2015.In a severely disappointing year from the club, guys like Ben Howlett played their role and within their limits, despite being dropped in a couple of games  this year. While not an ‘outstanding’ year, compared to most others, I’d describe it as ‘solid’.

While his possession count may have dropped, he was still averaging at least 1 goal every 2 games, a massive 6 tackles per game, 3 inside 50’s and 3-4 clearances per game…which is a pretty decent contribution for me. He is one of the best tacklers at the club, boasting a huge stat of 122 for the year. Where there were few standout performers for the year, Benny DOUBLED his importance at the club as a solidified “best 22” player jumping from 12th to 6th spot this year.


Baggers is a gun...that's why he's jumped to #5 in #EFCMIP 2015.

Baggers! A personal favourite of mine (which in no way influenced the EFCMIP result!) and another quality small defender comfortably makes the top 10.

While not yet on All-Australian pace and arguably ‘down’ on his best form from the previous year, Baggers plays an important role on the best small opposition forward, though our coaches have been tempted to play both Baguley and Hibberd more midfield/wing since they are exceptional users of the footy. Baguley too, jumped 5 positions from last year to secure 5th spot in the team where his best work was his tackling, 1%ers, intercept marking and assisting his teammates with other defensive rebounds. If his form continues to get better, I’m certain he’ll make the next AA squad in the coming 2 years.


All-Australian defender Michael Hurley is 4th best Don in 2015!All-Australian and runners up in the clubs best and fairest, Michael truly deserves huge praises for a personally satisfying year in a team that performed to poorly in 2015.

Hurls AA selection at centre-half-back came as no surprise as he offers great disposal efficiency in both sides of his body; he keeps the 1st or 2nd best defender to few goals (or none at all) and is an exceptional marker/reader of the football. He jumped a near unprecedented TEN spots in the #EFCMIP this year and took home 21 more votes than last year. I’ve always thought he was a better defender than forward and his move back into defence has been great for the team; it’s where he’s played ALL his junior footy, afterall!

STAY TUNED as we announce the next 3 in the #EFCMIP “count up” this week, EACH DAY 3 more will be released!

#EFCMIP 2015 – Your top 3!


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Brendon Goddard takes 3rd place in #EFCMIP 2015

Two years straight, Brendon has cemented himself as a 1st-year (2nd club) player to win a best and fairest and with his usually-superior decision making and above-average abilities to deliver the ball with class, has yet again bought himself 3rd place again in #EFCMIP 2015.

BJ stood up in most games this year, only failing to score votes in 1 game (R21 loss to GCS). His best score came in R6 interstate loss to Fremantle by 28 points, where he was pivotal with his 35 touches; above-average disposal efficiency of 80%, also winning 7 clearances and 6 tackles – instrumental around the ground. Had he not been there, the loss would’ve been a lot worse!


Brent Stanton awarded 2nd place in #EFCMIP after an outstanding year
Brent may not be the favourite of many Bomber fans, but deserves plenty of accolades this year after a near personal best season, despite the team performing so poorly.

He increased his presence around the ground, evident by his inside 50 work and defensive rebounds…he was also forced to play in in other positions when fellow midfielders succumbed to injury. Yes, it would’ve been nice had he hit the scoreboard more often, but his stats this year say a lot about his intentions, gut-running and willingness to help teammates. He climbed 23 votes higher this year and averaged a little shy of 30 possessions per game. These are very good numbers for someone who plays mostly as an outside midfielder. Well done, Brent!

1st – Two years in succession, DYSON HEPPELL is by far, Essendon’s Most Important Player.

He's done it again! Hepps is #1 Most Important Don!Last year, he managed to hang onto a 22-vote lead over captain Jobe Watson, who spent half of the year injured. It was very much the same this year…with Jobe missing yet again for most of the season, Dyson was the clear best at the club; someone who has impressed so quickly to be tipped as the next Essendon captain.

Still, that takes nothing away from the ‘groovy Heppster’, who is skillful user of the ball, a hard in and under midfielder and great reader of play. His form is excellent practically every week, with a near-26-touch average per game for the year. He climbed 20 votes, which is even more comprehensive than the previous year. Near 5 clearances, 3 inside 50’s and 5 tackles in a game is fantastic. We’d love more goals out of this bloke so we can celebrate him even more, but Hepps barely rests forward. He’s been an outstanding leader in Jobe’s absence and all fans hope he continues his brilliant form.

Join me this week as we count UP to the best 22 (+3 emergencies) as #Ro0VIEW reveals the top 25 club’s MOST important players!Sti